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Mirage Granito Ceramico" ceramic granite from Italy, unrivalled world leader in the whole-body veined and grained ceramic granite field. Over the years, Mirage has proved an exceptional partner for designers and retailers because it has succeeded in joining the characteristics and performance typical of different types of companies, each offering a unique service i.e. large scale industry, craftsman, technical systems company, marble cutters and quarry of ceramic granite slabs.

Where floor and wall covering products are concerned, Ceramic Granite represents the most innovative and revolutionary product. But not only that. its is also a perfect recreation of marble and granite. It is a mineral based material, so it is not a product of synthetic processes, and it creation is due to the use of only the finest and purest raw materials. These materials are compacted under ultra-high pressure and then fused at a temperature of between 1220º and 1260º. The material is then worked with Mirage's exclusive technology and know-how.

Production range includes 79 colors, formats from 15x15 to 120x180, eight different thickness (from 8 to 30mm) and 39 trim pieces. Also, includes 4 surface finishes: polished (LEV), satin finish (SAT), green-honed (NL), unpolished (OP).

i- The company:
"Mirage" was established in 1972 to produce the first Italian frost-proof, heavy duty, single fired glazed tiles, and began soon to research and invest in the unglazed stoneware sector (quarry tile type of production) and managed as soon as 1976 to produce the very first prototype in the world of impervious, highly vitrified porcelain tile, by using red clay from her deposits and by physically reducing the high percentage of iron content.

Mirage 's 1976 small operation (30 employees) gradually grew, as its technical research and development team patented (body material or the technology that allows a homogenous distribution of the veins and grains of the tiles throughout the thickness of the tile is patented in the name of Mirage) and developed a unique technology capable of producing very attractive and world exclusive Ceramic Granite slabs, now available in sizes ranging from 15X15 to 60X120 and in thicknesses ranging from 8 mm to 30 mm.

Mirage has kept investing heavily in its R&D and its products and has devoted all its energy to the production and development of the Ceramic Granite.

Mirage today employs more than 450 people and exports to more than 95 countries around the world.

ii- The tile - general description:
- Mirage's Ceramic Granite is the new generation Granite, of which it is not an imitation but rather a modern re-release.
- Mirage's fully vitrified stoneware is a perfectly natural recreation of natural stone obtained without the use of any resins or adhesives.
- Fine pure minerals are gathered from around the world (quartz, silica, zircon, fedspar and others).

Those fine minerals (basically the same available in the best natural stones) are ground very homogeneously and processed with the in-house developed and patented technology:
- Separate the hard minerals from impurities
- Add the colours to the minerals using only pure metal oxides (also minerals)
- Transfer the powders to the patented granulator to form larger, multi-coloured grains.
- Transfer the small and large grains to the press cavity (die) and distribute the various colours, mechanically, in an ever- changing vein texture throughout the entire thickness (technology patented).
- Press the minerals at extremely high pressure (up to 4000 tons) and form the slabs.
- Run every slab through the kilns and fire the minerals at 1250oC temperature, to form a perfectly vitrified, absolutely impervious, slab.

To contrast with the above, natural stone is extracted in blocks from quarries, and blocks are subsequently cut into slabs. One must accept what is in each block: Color variation, impurities, faults and voids.

With Mirage's Ceramic Granite, the ability to get rid of the impurities before forming the slab, and the fact that this modern technology allows the control of color consistency by computer, give huge advantages over natural stone, such as:
- Extremely low porosity (less than 0.1% - even the best natural granites are ten times more porous)
- Effortless maintenance
- Virtually unlimited resistance to abrasion
- Guaranteed resistance to chemical and atmospheric attack
- Huge flexion, shock and compression resistance
- Excellent color resistance

Basically Mirage is re-generating via its avant-garde technology what nature has taken millions of year to achieve.

Thanks to the above detailed process Mirage Ceramic Granite will never deteriorate. Natural marble and granite, if used in slabs thinner than 4 cms, will all, sooner or later, be affected by an inevitable defect called decohesion, and they will begin to fail.

iii- Orientative comparative lab test results with natural stone:
- Water Absorption (average values):
- Marble 0.25%
- Granite 0.15%
- Mirage Ceramic Granite 0.05%

- Breaking Strength:
- Marble 6.3 N/mm2
- Granite 13.8 N/mm2
- Mirage Ceramic Granite 51.0 N/mm2

· Abrasion Resistance (average values):
· Marble 350 V (mm3)
· Granite 180 V (mm3)
· Mirage Ceramic Granite 133 V (mm3)

V = cubic millimeter of abraded surface

- Compression resistance (average values):
- Marble 150 N/mm2
- Granite 180 N/mm2
- Mirage Ceramic Granite 290 N/mm2

iv- Summary:
In summary Mirage Ceramic Granite offers:
- Extremely low porosity
- Resistance to abrasion
- Absolute imperviousness to acid, pollution attacks and frost
- Flexion, shock and compression resistance
- Excellent color resistance
- Accurate sizing

v- Technical Specifications:
Chemical resistance: As per EN 106
Color resistance to light: As per DIN 51094
Breaking strength: Not less than 2829 N
Resistance to thermal shock: As per EN 104
Skid resistance (Industrial applic.) Not less than R11
Skid resistance (bare-footed traf.) A+B
Side Dimensions ±0.1% at most
Thickness ±1% at most
Straightness of sides ±0.3% at most
Rectangularity ±0.3% at most
Surface flatness ±0.1% at most
Water absorption 0.07% at most
Flexion resistance Not less than 47.3 N/mm2
Abrasion resistance 144 m3 at most
Frost resistance As per EN 202
MOHS hardness Not less than 8 MOHS
Coeff. of linear thermal-expansion 6.4x10-6 oC-1